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Arbuckle Mountain Bluegrass Park  is known for its friendly atmosphere with absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed.  . We want to keep this event family oriented. 
Acoustic Instruments Only.

We have three events a year that bring people from every corner of the US and Canada. There are two other jams in mid May and mid October and the festival in September.

The jams consist of a week or two, worth of bluegrass, gospel, and old time country music jams around the campground.  If you like just good music, this is perfect for you. If you play, sing or just want to listen if you are a beginner or you have been playing your whole life you have a great time and may pick up a few pointers. 

The Festival in September is the largest event of the year.  Plans are made for the entire week with tours, golf cart parade, bluegrass queen contest nd instrument workshops.  Thursday night at 7pm  All Gospel night and Friday and Saturday starting  at 12:30 pm till around 10pm. 
 Look thru our website to get a "feel for the park.  We have 32 acres and 300 campsites.  The park is clean and well maintained with all the modern conveniences. 

When you come in the gate, you become part of our "Bluegrass Family.If you like Bluegrass , Old Time Country and Gospel ?
This is where you want to be !!!!!!!!!!!  you'll have a great time , meet people and become friends .


Jams are a very important part of bluegrass music.  Have you ever sat around a family event while your relatives were playing an instrument and singing their favorite songs?  These are nothing more than a "JAM".  Every performer you see on stage has probably spent many hours playing in jams.

You will see different groups sitting together in a circle playing and singing their favorite songs.  Each person has an opportunity to play or sing their choice.  Just tell the group what key you will be playing in and let the music begin!

People have paid hundreds of dollars for music lessons and not get the experience you receive in a jam.  If you are a new player and don't feel comfortable sitting in the circle, you can sit just outside the circle and play along until you feel you are ready to join in.  There is always someone that would be glad to help you if you have questions.  

Bring your chair and visit any or all of the jams around the park.  We have tents spread around for anyone that wants to participate in Open Jams.


Festivals are planned events where Feature Bands play on stage Thursday Night at 7pm.featuring all Gospel and Fridayand Saturday begaing at 12:30 to around 10pm.  We try to have good solid traditional bluegrass bands that the fans enjoy seeing.  There are many people that really enjoy watching a planned show.  During the week we have several events leading up to the Thursday night start.  We offer instrument workshops taught by the Featured band members Fri and Sat.morning at 10am.
Come early and join the Early Bird Events and all the jamming all week.


The Jams are very informal with jamming going on at anytime from any part of the park.   The Fall Jam also has an Instrument Swap Meet on Saturday morning.  There is ample time to sit and visit and listen to a lot of good music.

The Festival has a full week of planned events for you to enjoy and Stage Shows starting  Thursday night.

Some people prefer one or the other but, we have found that if you come once, you never want to miss another event!